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Quantum BioEnergetics balancing technique™ It is about bringing your body back to balance so it can heal itself. Ideal for treating conditions such as depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome. QB uses quantum frequencies to trigger living bodies to heal themselves.

What is Quantum BioEnergetics (QB) ?

QB is a gentle, hands-off and self regulating balancing or healing system where each person’s needs determine the level of balance required to reach their own potential.

According to quantum physics, every living organism operates at a vibration with, and as a part of everything around us.

Quantum frequency is the light and information which enables these vibrations to operate.

These palpable frequencies, readily available to all, are activated by the practitioner during the session and continue to work long after the session has completed, and for as long as your body requires. It is a process and the results are extraordinary.

Quantum frequency is everywhere, and it is our interaction with it that can e affected by interruptions or blockages to our equilibrium; interruptions such as physical, emotional, personal or spiritual issues. 

The Quantum BioEnergetics balancing technique™ seeks to enhance these frequencies so that the mind and body can reach a state where clarity and balance can occur.

A Quantum BioEnergetics session is like enhancing the connection you already have with the Universe like tuning into a television signal.


Wear comfortable clothing. You will be laying face up on a massage table, with your shoes off.


It is best if you avoid the use of scented products.

What can be treated using QB ?

QB can be effective in the treatment of :

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Cancers

  • Headaches an migraine

  • Physical injuries

  • Emotional and mental blockages

  • Chronic and general illnesses

QB can help put you in a place where you can see more clearly where you are, and accelerate you along your path, so that you may realise your potential.

Other modalities

These healing frequencies also work well with other modalities such as NeuroKinetics, Bowen Therapy, massage, acupuncture etc, as well as with western medicine.

How many sessions and the cost

2 - 3 sessions are recommended.

Each session usually lasts for up to 60 minutes and includes preparation, session time on the table (approximately 30 minutes) followed by feedback and discussion.

Each session is approximately one week apart and cost $120 per session.

The Axial Initiation

The Axial Initiation is an initiation into a communication with the complete self, and only needs to be done once.

It awakens a communication which already exists as a part of you, allowing you to find your place in the world.

Conducted only by QBI facilitators who are highly experienced in the instrumental flow of frequency, each session is unique to the individual.

Held in your own vibratory field, your connection with the Universe naturally evolves as time and vibration shift. Your Axial Initiation is yours, uniquely to you and your purpose.

The Axial, will be exactly what is needed, to enable the process at the exact pace that will be appropriate for you. 

The facilitation of the Axial is as unique as the individual undertaking it.

The cost

The Axial Initiation is facilitated over two sessions, ideally on consecutive days and no more than 48 hours apart. Both sessions need to be with the same, qualified QBI facilitator.

The cost of the Axial Initiation is $333.00

Melissa Hocking Hughes is a co-founder of QBI, and originator of The Quantum BioEnergetics balancing technique™.

For more information on The Quantum BioEnergetics balancing technique™ and Melissa Hocking her first book A Healing Initiation is readily available and go to www.qbihealing.com


  • Associate Diploma NeuroKinetics 1999
  • NeuroKinetics - Certfiied Teacher
  • Quantum Bio-Energetics balancing technique™ - Certified Facilitator 2008
  • Axial Initiation - Certified Facilitator 2008
  • Physiokey Advanced 2015
  • Physiokey Sports Injury Management 2017
  • Physiokey Women’s Health 2017

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