About Philip Renfrey - Natural Therapist

Philip Renfrey
12 Southern Ave
Blackwood 5051
0407 500 131

Restoring your balance.   Promoting the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms using   Key Therapy (Physiokey)  NeuroKinetics (NSD) Quantum BioEnergetics  Reiki  

I came to this career after years of issues with my own back and neck. Having tried all manner of techniques to alleviate pain and increase mobility, I stumbled across NeuroKinetics - a non-invasive, non-manipulative skeletal alignment technique that enables the self balancing mechanism in the body, which proved to be so brilliant for me, that I studied the technique purely for education sake, then became a practitioner, opening my own practice, and eventually a teacher of the modality.

In 2008, after reading the book “A Healing Initiaton” by Melissa Hocking Hughes, I studied the Quantum BioEnergetics balancing technique™ developed by Melissa. I found another great technique for my practice that enhances the use of quantum frequencies to balance the body on all levels.

I addition to this, I am also a Reiki Master, fantastic for those seeking balance with a hands on approach.

More recently, I have added Key Therapy for pain relief and recovery, to my practice. Using a Physiokey device (a low level neuro - stimulation device), this process not only provides direct therapeutic effect via pain relief, but also activates the natural defences of the body.

I believe that the human anatomy has a great capacity to heal itself, especially if we can create the optimum environment for it to do its work.

I regard myself as a facilitator of balance, and In each of the modalities that I am privileged to use, we are seeking to bring your body back to balance so that it can heal itself.

All modalities are non invasive, gentle and safe, enabling a healing environment.

Please ring me if you have any questions.


  • Associate Diploma NeuroKinetics 1999
  • NeuroKinetics - Certfiied Teacher
  • Quantum Bio-Energetics balancing technique™ - Certified Facilitator 2008
  • Axial Initiation - Certified Facilitator 2008
  • Physiokey Advanced 2015
  • Physiokey Sports Injury Management 2017
  • Physiokey Women’s Health 2017

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